The Founder


Courtney Heywood Pierce, MPA. is the passionate founder of Care Blackage, a wellness box that celebrates and amplifies Black-owned businesses and experiences.  

Courtney was inspired to create Care Blackage in the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd in 2020. As an empath deeply impacted by the pain of her community, Courtney saw an opportunity to provide a "brief reprieve" through her new venture, while also raising money for bail funds. Her dedication, empathy, and vision have made Care Blackage a powerful platform for uplifting Black excellence.

At its core, Care Blackage is about building community and amplifying Black excellence. In curating the Care Blackage wellness boxes, Courtney has highlighted and supported a diverse array of exceptional Black-owned brands. 

She is passionate about ensuring Black-owned businesses are included in corporate gifting and other mainstream opportunities. Looking ahead, Courtney is focused on holding brands accountable to the commitments they made around supporting the Black community.

Beyond Care Blackage, Courtney is wrapping up wedding planning, celebrating her upcoming marriage to her "bestie" Rob - her anchor throughout this entrepreneurial journey.

Courtney's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to pursue your passions and not look back with regret: "If it's in your head and in your heart, do what you can to bring it to fruition."